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RPG Proposal

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Games Design 2
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1. Nature of the gameplay and the challenges that the player faces:

The game planned is set as a modern fiction RPG game with the twist that the player can take their character into an alternate world that is set in the traditional fantasy world. There is a set main character that the player takes control of but they can alter and customize this character, choosing one of three disciplines for their preferred play style. Namely they can play as either a warrior, mage or rogue.

The player will have to complete quests, challenges, puzzles and competitions within the game world in order to gain money, items and equipment to improve their character and make them more powerful. There will also be a levelling system in place so that after gaining so much experience the player will be assigned skill points so that they can level up disciplines for their character, increasing their knowledge of that discipline and unlocking more useful and powerful abilities.

There will also be various creatures, massive monsters and outside elements that will be working against the player, there will be challenges within quests if the player has to enter a dungeon, usually a puzzle type challenge where the character will have to retrieve an item to complete a tablet or some kind of physical or mental challenge such as breaking through so many obstacles or having to work out a riddle. The player will have to use their skills and smarts in order to overcome the obstacles and enemies that they come across as they will not always be able to just slash and hack their way through, but find weak points and target those instead in order to overcome the challenges presented.

2. Overall targets, goals and achievements:

There will be several endings to the game, the ending shall be dictated by what actions the player will make within the game, certain quests completed alliances or feuds forged and many other elements will be factored in to create a certain kind of ending. There will be quests set throughout the game, the player can choose which quests to complete and which ones they want to ignore, which will of course influence the game and the ending that they witness at the end of their play through.

Achievements will be unlocked or trophies awarded if the player meets certain requirements within the game and they will also be awarded various titles depending on the factions that they align themselves with throughout the game.

3. The role of the player.

The player is the controller of the character within the game. The player has to make choices throughout the game that will define the nature of the game, the events that take place and through their choices they will generally shape the world around them. They can choose whether to help or hinder certain NPCs (Non-Playable Character) which will then affect the overall outcome of the game. The player can define the type of character they want as well, if they want to play an evil character then they can discard the destiny that the character has laid down before him and shape a new destiny, one that is darker and filled with death and betrayal, or they can choose to follow the path of good and help to save the world from the darkness that is trying to consume and destroy it.

4. The setting of the game:

The game is set within a world that reflects that of earth, but instead of normalcy and order, magick and creatures of all kind roam the world, making it extremely dangerous and only the strongest and smartest survive. The player starts in this modern world and has to complete several challenges within this world, however once they progress; they will find that certain quests and challenges require them to travel through specialist portals. These portals transport the player to a traditional fantasy world, the characters equipment and clothing will be changed into armour and traditional style weaponry. If the character is a mage, they will become equipped with a staff that they channel their powers through and they will be wearing robes and if they are a warrior or rogue, they will be equipped with the relevant type of armour and weaponry such as daggers or a sword and shield. The player can work within this world, upgrading their armour and weapons so that they are better equipped for their quests. Then the next time they have to travel through to this mystical world, they will still have this equipment for their next quest. When they return to the modern world they will have the equipment and clothing that they had when they first entered the portal, leaving all of their fantasy equipment within the other world.

5. Player interactions:

The player will be able to use the character in order to interact with the NCPs within the worlds, they will have control of the dialogue that the character uses when speaking through a choice of sentences, these will shape the conversation and whether the NPC helps out or not with information or side quests. The player interacts with the world in the game through the use of the character avatar.

6. Primary perspective of gameplay:

The perspective of the game will be interchangeable, because some players prefer third person view and some players prefer first person, the player will be able to choose which perspective they wish to play from.

7. Structure of the game:

Story Mode – This is the main campaign and the main point of the game. The player will take control of the central character and play through quests and challenges in order to reach the end of the game. Because the world will be open and the player will be able to take as long as they need to complete the game, their play time will be recorded and they can see how many hours they are clocking up.

Resume – This will automatically load the most recent save game and the player will begin where they left off when they saved.

Load Game – The player is able to choose which saved game they load up and play.

Multiplayer – There will be online multiplayer available to the player if they so wish. Through online play, people can either go into PVE or PVP games or partake in quests in an MMORPG environment.

Options – This option gives the player the chance to change their controller, audio, graphics and gameplay options.

Bonus Content – Unlocked bonus content can be viewed in this gallery.


8. Type of game:

This game is leaning towards being a casual unless the player wishes to spend hours continuously playing. There will be leader boards so that the player can show their friends their progress in terms of creature kills, quests completed and the amount of time that the player has spent playing the game. The game is centred around the decisions of the player more than the set storyline, even though there is a storyline for the character to follow, they can choose to travel and complete side quests and challenges before taking on the main campaign of the game. Of course each quest they do outside of the main campaign will also affect the ending of the game but the player will be better equipped for the quests and challenges that will be presented to them within the main storyline. There will likely not be online play for the game.

9. Plot/Story:

Set on the Earth like world of Thakur the Dark Goddess Lilith is stirring from her slumber. After spending millennia imprisoned in the netherworld, she has broken free and is on the rampage once again. Spreading death and discord wherever she steps, the world looks set to fall into darkness and war once again. Only a group of young mages, along with their teacher, can stop her and force her back into her prison once again.

10. Genre:

It is a Modern/Traditional fantasy RPG.

11. Target Audience:

The target audience are mainly individuals of ages 15+ as the game will be quite violent and children under a certain age will not be allowed to play this kind of game. Players that enjoy spending time exploring vast worlds with plenty to see and do will be interested in this type of game. The game is primarily story driven, but there are large quantities of game play so this is a game for both people that prefer storylines over game play and for people that prefer game play over storylines as there will be many hours’ worth of game play for them to work through.

12. Target platform:

This game will be looking towards release on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. A release on the PC might be available at a later date.

Photoshop Collage

Yes this is looking pretty basic, but with an interesting premise behind it. Following up with a different version of Star Trek, the team aboard the Enterprise were in fact sucked into the Black Hole they created that consumed the Romulan ship. However the emerged from it to find an alternate world complete with Earth and starcraft. However, floating in place of the Earths original Moon, there is now a massive Space Station that isn’t looking too friendly. Suddenly without warning, X-Wing fighters come abounding, aiming straight for the Space Station that starts to fire on them. So the Enterprise observes and soon comes under attack itself, so it pitches in with the X-Wings to destroy this alternate world Death Star.

Break and Make Model

I started with a simple car, more specifically a 4×4 jeep type vehicle. Then by breaking up the model of an army jeep, I have kitted out the car with parts from the jeep like the rear mounted .50 cal turret and the guns on the sides of it are the turrets that were mounted on the top of the army jeep.

Character Sketch

So this is my most recent sketch of my character. I would have done a full character sheet with the character standing at different angles but I still suffer from noobie drawing skills and cannot draw well enough to do an entire body without having to resort to some stupid looking cartoonified character that doesn’t go with the image of the character I had in mind. Then again this character sketch doesn’t either but this is as close as I am going to get for the time being.
He does look pretty out of it at the moment, I haven’t really gotten the hang of eyes yet and when I checked on him from a short distance his face wasn’t completely on center and was actually wonky if I am honest, but that is learning for you.
The hair is annoying me as well, I cannot draw hair properly yet either but this in my opinion was a pretty good attempt, I just need to get more practice in, look at some tutorials and kick myself into gear so that I can draw better. Practice is all I need and practice I shall.


Ok then so when it came to interactive controller ideas. I hit a barrier, because there are controllers for everything these days. However I have come up with three ideas that I wanted to get down. The first thing is minor, it is a game console controller, a cross between an Xbox controller and a Nintendo Gamecube controller in appearance, but works with both of them. It is wired and felt like quite a weak idea to me, so I left it where it was on the page as just a beginner idea to get the creative thinking flowing.

The second idea I came up with was a Nintendo Wii tablet, this was mostly an idea that came about through the Nintendo Wii-U design, but this is solely for the Wii, instead of a brand new console. This tablet has the usual analogue stick and D-Pad of the Wii controllers, but the player can sit back with the tablet and either use the controller or they can use the touch screen to direct the character the same way they would control a character through the Wii Nun-chuck and controller.

The third idea was one that came to me out of nowhere. I was sat thinking about games console controllers along with the fact that gaming seems to be moving away from consoles to mobile phones. I also had the thought that since mobiles are becoming the focus of gaming because of smart phones and the potential they carry in terms of power for games, I came up with an idea for a smart phone that can double up as a console controller. By using wireless technology within the phone, the console could have an updated application that would allow the phone to connect to it. Through this connection the player could then choose the controller option on their phone and the touch screen on the phone would then change, storing all of the phone applications away and bringing the analogue sticks and buttons that could be found on an ordinary controller. Through further development, the player could then also use the wireless technology to project their phone games through the console onto their television, thereby giving them a bigger and better screen to play their games on. Then once they are finished, they can simply disconnect and their phone becomes an ordinary phone once again.