Basic Primitives

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Interactive Communications


Ok then so in this post, I am showing an image of the basic primitives that I have practiced drawing. They look a little shaky, mostly because my drawing skills are pretty poor at the moment and need to be massively improved. I found it hard to imagine the paper as a 3D plane and not just a flat sheet of paper, but as I got into drawing the shapes and making them 3D I managed to see that by using shadowing and direction, it is easy to actually turn a flat shape into a 3D object on a piece of paper. As can also be seen, I tried to draw a sphere stood up against a wall, but that didn’t go to plan, especially when it came to inking the shapes so that they could stand out in this photo.

I think that through constant practicing and trying different shapes and using different directions for shadowing, I could improve my drawing skills and expand slowly through practice and experience. I just need to keep at this so that I can improve and constantly try new techniques and drawing styles so that I don’t fall into one set style that could prove stale.


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