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RPG Names

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Games Design 2

So since the start of the project I have been trying to work out a name for the game. I wanted it to be catchy and sound interesting without it being cliche but I don’t think that it will work out that way. There have been a couple of titles floating around the old grapefruit and I’ve been tossing and turning over which one to use:

Dunkora: War on Two Worlds


Dunkora: Darkness Rising

I think at this stage I shall be going with:

Dunkora: Darkness Rising

Because of the way the game plays out, while the player is leading the characters through quests to find and defeat things and collect the necessary equipment, spells and allies to defeat the Dark Elves and their allies, the Dark Elves are moving out, waging war, bringing darkness to the world of Dunkora while also trying to break through to The Human World, so the title seems fitting. It will also become more apparent that there is a dark force hidden away in the realm of Dunkora that could very well threaten the existence of both The Human World and Dunkora, but that is still in the planning stages and nothing is definite right now. I will be working on the title to make a possible cover for it, but I will have to see how everything else goes first, if I have the time then I can flesh out an idea for a possible cover, or maybe even just for the way the title shall look.


These images are visual representations of the character Nick Blitz, as is mentioned in the title of course. These images are of men that have dreadlocks and have quite the warrior type look about them, the twins from the film The Matrix Reloaded are also in here because of their dreadlocks style.
300_108722 4856907885_5551ab2110_z jason_momoa_actor_dreadlocks_beard_mustache_brunette_18976_1024x1024

The character visual representations do not have pig tails in like the character bio said the character had, however I managed to secure some images of females with red hair so that similar styles can be seen that could be used for the character instead.

Red-Hair-Color-2 red-hair-with-brown


Even though she is not a teenager, Katy Perry does have some awesome dark purple hair going on in this image, so I decided to use it for the hair visual representation while the teenager in the left hand image is a lot closer to the character herself in terms of age and looks.
Emo-Hairstyles-For-Girls-With-Long-Blue-Hair katy-perry-hair

Serena Nightshade is the ultimate Antagonist within my game and her image needed to reflect this, so I have compiled some images to represent her until such a time comes along where I can draw her myself.

640x960_13651_Dark_Elf_3d_fantasy_character_elf_girl_woman_picture_image_digital_art goth_girl-demonism

The next set of people/characters are good visual representations of what Richard Flak could look like. We have Thorin Oakenshield from the move The Hobbit, Matthias played by The Rock from The Scorpion King And Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel movies as well as his role of Kim in the popular Australian based soap Home and Away. These men are all rather muscular and have long hair that is styled in a ponytail or braided, which is along the lines of the design of Richard Flak. They also have a rather warrior like quality about them which is also in line with the way Richard Flak is in terms of personality.

img-thing Matthias Thorin

As I have been doing, I have had to use people that are visual representations of my characters because of my lack of drawing skills, so here are two people that I thought would represent Sam Elite rather well; Shia Labeouf and Michael Cera.

They have both portrayed characters that have started out their stories as underdogs, trying to win the heart of their respective love interests while also overcoming insurmountable odds (Transformers and Scott Pilgrim vs The World) They have gone on from being small time guys to being world changing superheros in their own right, with Shia being the quirky Sam Whitwicky who helps the Autobots defeat the Decepticons throughout the film series. Michael Cera playing Scott Pilgrim, a bass player in a band that has to fight and defeat the seven evil ex’s of his love interest Romona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Sam Elite is a similar style of character, while he does not have the love interest that these guys had in the films, he does have the drive to overcome insurmountable odds, first finding himself trapped on a world that he doesn’t know and having to start a new life on it, to finding himself on a team that has to save two worlds by fighting off the forces of darkness. He also has the added disadvantage of being one of the very few characters that does not possess any kind of magickal or other worldly ability, so he has to make do with what he has.