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Dunkora: Darkness Rising

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok then so a while ago for university, I was working on a Game Design document for a game that I called Dunkora: Darkness Rising. Now this was all good, the design went well and I was pushing along nicely with it.

However, I found that I was running into several problems and creating a hell of a lot more work for myself than I should have been doing, plus I was running into consistency problems due to the nature of the game, with it being set on two worlds that the player could travel between.

So going back and reviewing these problems, I will be reworking a lot of the details for the game, such as ditching the ability for certain people to travel between the worlds, as well as the portals for inter-world travel appearing and disappearing at random, instead they will be set portals and magick can be used to create and open them, thus allowing the individual or group to travel through at any given time.

I will also be moving my characters around quite a bit, eliminating some and replacing them with others, while some other characters will be moved to secondary, or helper roles, where they will give the player information and advice, instead of being a constant active force within the game.

There will be a lot of other elements, such as locations, names, items and quests, as well as combat and travel, so all in all, I shall be reworking the majority, if not all, of the game so that it feels a lot less crowded and so that the player doesn’t feel like there are too many random aspects within the game, which I felt came from the appearance and disappearance of portals, which in the original working, would come and go at random intervals, which would certainly frustrate players if they had to spend hours on end hunting down a portal only for it to disappear on them the minute they reached it.