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Chair Final Render Table Final Render








Here are the final renders for the table and chair I created that are to be put within the Project Paragon level that we have been working on.

I had a little bit of difficulty with the chair design as I wasn’t sure what sort of chairs were being used around in 1914, but after some initial research, I settled upon a simple yet effective chair design that was shown to in use throughout cafés of that time. I also created a table that can be scaled and moved to different widths so that multiples of them can be placed throughout the café for the patrons to sit at. While they are using the same wood texture on their Unwraps, I felt that this was necessary because they could be part of a set, or they could be altered at a later date, but I feel that the same wood texture is a great way to go as they could be matching and the café owners could be seen as not too picky as to what they are using for people sit on and at while in the café.



Going into this project, I decided that I wanted to use Unity to create my environment, with models and textures being imported from 3DS Max. I wanted to do something different to what we are working on in UDK with the Client Project so that I could expand my toolbox of skills with programs, plus I have an interest in Unity as a program to begin with, dabbling with it for periods of time over the years without really making much headway till now.

So going into this project without much knowledge of how to operate within the game engine, I needed to look up tutorials on how to create terrain and make a layout that I could use for my project. I found several threads online in the Unity official forum, these threads offering advice and plenty of links to videos of how to create terrain, ranging from Beginners classes to Advanced. Here are a list of links of tutorials that I found while searching the internet. – Creating Terrain for Beginners – Creating Terrain for Advanced Users. – Terrain Editing Tools within Unity. – Importing Models from 3DS Max to Unity.

I’ve been wondering about the layout of the my map within my project for some time now and it was becoming a bit of a problem as map design is not one of my strong points, but it needed to be done. Then I got to thinking about the theme of the game and what that entailed. Of course the game is Cyber Punk themed and so technology is incorporated heavily within the theme, and then it hit me, why not have a city mapped out in a similar fashion to that of a memory chip.

So the above image is a memory chip, with the major parts of the chip in place and the bus lanes all in place as well, showing that it is a complete and working memory chip that I can use as a reference image for me project. The bus lanes I could use to design the streets layout of the map, while the major parts of the chip can be used as reference points for the buildings, or at least the major buildings of the map, with smaller buildings building up the rest of the level.

Due to there being Corporations within my game design project, I needed to create names for said Corporations, and the best way to create unique and different names is through lists of words that I can combine to make different names. Below are a list of words that I used along with some names that I came up with, not all of them were brilliant and most of them will likely not be used, but it’s good to have a wide range for design purposes and I might return to some of them at a later date:































Names Created

Cryptic Flux Technologies

Cryptic Flux Designs

Cryptic Flux Industries

Cryptic Designs

Flux Machina Designs

Alpha Designs

Alpha Robotics

Alpha Flux Designs

Theta Wave Designs

Lich Industries

Cryptic Alpha Designs

Titan Designs

Blight Industries

Black Box Industries

Blight Wolf Designs

Unstable Industries

Inferno Designs


At the moment, out of the names that I have created, the two that I will likely use first and foremost are Lich Industries and Blight Industries as these are interesting names and reflect the death and destruction that will eventually be taking place within the game world that I am creating. It also gives me the chance to create some dark identities for the Corporations as it is a Cyber Punk themed game and so I want to be creating characters and identities that reflect the mood of the world that is being created.

Normally I watch videos on Youtube for tutorials, game reviews and general entertainment. However, I also watch videos from a series known as Vsauce. They offer information and research based upon questions by the general public that post on their channel and recently I found that they had uploaded a video that covered enhancements, and whether humans can enhance themselves in present times.

Below is the video that explains it all:









So for the self initiated project, I needed to come up with some designs for the environment that I will be creating, and so the first thing that came to mind was mapping out the layout of the area that the design will be situated in, along with some idea as to how the buildings would be laid out, along with whether there would be objectives in place within the environment for when the characters are placed into the level at a later date or whether I would put them in at a later date, around the same time as the characters.

Above are two images, the first rough ideas as to what the map could look like. In the first image I have a sprawling metropolis that I felt could have been used as an environment filled with buildings of all sizes to create the impression of a large cityscape, however, when it came to placing the buildings I found that the map wasn’t really the right sort of layout to make it a coherent map with plenty of buildings in place, but that is just on paper, so I may return to an iteration of this map at a later date.

The second image is more in line with what I originally had in mind, minus the grid of course, because even though it is a turn based level that I am designing, I don’t want to have a predefined movement grid in place as it could limit the player on their character movements within the game play, but I found that building placement would be a lot easier within this type of layout instead of the one in the first image, so I am currently of the mind set that I need to combine the two layouts to create a third design with elements from the two first ones to create a new layout that is interesting to venture through while offering a decent level of building placement so that I can create a sprawling level that the player can venture through with their character without being bored due to the turn based element within.

When it comes to the designing of the maps, I have to take into account the fact that the Corporations of the game have the level divided into territories, almost as if it were gang warfare, with the human resistance working from within, using abandoned and often overlooked buildings as a base while also having several working and high class buildings as fronts for their efforts to resist the Corporation takeovers. While this seems easy on the face of it, I need to create a working level that offers plenty of different buildings and interesting locations for the player to battle their way through with their character(s) without cramming too much into the level so that it looks or feels like a forced endeavor that makes them give up half way through because they feel like it is going to be a long engagement.