Self Initiated Project – Self Appraisal

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Self Initiated Project

So now that the self initiated project is over and done with, I want to address several key things, especially the way I handled the workload and how I seem to have lost my way with it towards the end.

Firstly, I was way too ambitious with my project proposal. Wanting to model and texture an entire cityscape in a certain style was way too ambitious considering I had a very limited set of modelling skills going into it, but on top of that I feel that I always take on more than I can handle and this is the reason why I tend to fall back on such escapes like writing a back story for just about everything, even if a back story isn’t even necessary in the first place, as I did in this project when it came to creating the Corporation buildings. I created two Corporations, gave them names and a basic back story so that when it came to creating their headquarters, I would be able to visualize it instead of just going into 3DS Max and getting on with it, because I could have easily created a lot more work if I had just gotten sat down, focused, and worked my way through the models instead of sweating the details.

The second thing I really do need to address in regards to the project is my lack of management skills. I planned initially to create either a timetable or some sort of organisational chart so that I could write down and record my project from week to week, setting myself targets and getting on with the work that needed doing, balancing it against the Client Project, which in the end seemed to take up the majority of the time, while the rest of the time I was dead in the water worrying about the research side of my project, and the written side, instead of once again getting on with the practical side, which was actually the more important side to it. In the future whenever I undertake a project like this again, I will make sure that once I know what I am doing, before I go anywhere near anything such as research or modelling, I need to sit down and create a time chart for myself and force myself to make notes of what I need to do and make lists so that each week I can tick off my progress and move onto the next step. This might also help me keep motivated and focused, as these are two other concerns that I have when it comes to my work, I can keep working for a while, but then I become unfocused and tend to switch over to doing something else and leaving the work that needs completing half finished in order to pursue something else. It’s unprofessional and I intend to spend the summer working on my attitude towards my work so that I can go into the next year ready and willing to just get stuff done.

On a more positive note however, I feel that as a 3D modeller, while I am still learning and improving upon my designs, I have actually improved a lot from when I first started the second year and especially the second semester with the return to the Client Project and the start of this Self Initiated work. I have picked up a number of different modelling techniques through the help of other members of the group along with searches on the internet if I need extra help with anything and I feel that I am slowly coming along to be a half way decent modeller. The downside of course is that I need to work on my texturing skills, as even though they have improved to a slight degree, they are still a long way from being adequate and so I need to spend more time just modelling and practicing, making sure I don’t get side tracked from my goals in the future.

I think that for the next time I have to do a project like this, which will be the case in the third year with my Final Major Project, I will be putting the work in over the summer to make sure I can drag my skills, motivation and focus up to adequate levels so that when I do go into the third year, I am prepared and ready to just sit and get on with work, instead of getting side tracked by the slightest thing. While I certainly aren’t happy with the way my self initiated worked out in the end, I have found many things that I can work on and improve upon and so this should help me progress as a designer in the future as I intend to act upon the feed back that I have recieved.


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