Additional Project – Initial Ideas & Final Product

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Additional Project

When it came to finally creating my game, I had several things to take into consideration, with it being a starter maze game, I needed to create a maze that was not overly complicated but at the same time not so simplistic that the player would be able to just breeze through it with no problem. Below are several screen caps of my initial designs for a couple of maze ideas along with a rough idea of a menu system that I had in mind.









These initial ideas were just things that were rattling around my head, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a bright and colourful menu system sat in the center of a maze as is shown in the third image. I also wasn’t entirely certain on the mazes themselves as these are something that I haven’t worked on before so this was a rather unique challenge for me and was a welcome change in terms of design work.


Maze Menu Screen







These two screen caps are of the final product that I created within Adobe Flash. The menu is fairly simplistic in the design, I didn’t want to use anything overly bright and colourful in the end, which is where it differs from my initial idea. While the menu is basic in appearance, it does what I wanted it to do and it leads straight to the first maze of the game, which is represented by the second screen shot that is showing the maze design I worked with. The maze design I worked with is present within the first screen shot of my initial designs and I felt that this was the better of the two mazes to work with in my game as a starter level while the second one has more misdirection and ways to lead the player down the wrong alleys while the first one is a much better blend between misdirection and being able to complete it within a short time and progress.



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