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For the first proper assignment we were given with the program 3DS Max, we were assigned objects around the studio to recreate within the program. I was assigned a door lock to recreate.

As can be seen in the image below, my door lock was a partial success (in my mind at least) because it looks like a door lock. I will need to practice more in order to get the shape properly recreated so that is something that I need to build on and work at, but I think that with time I could get there.

If I had to go back to do this again, even though I took plenty of pictures of it for reference, I would definitely take more of them just so that I can cover all of the angles that need to be covered and so that I can get the mechanisms right in shape and look. I will also likely be able to texture the final product next time as well, which would add to making it look like a proper door lock.

Finished Door Lock Render


So for one of the assignments within the module, we had to create a model of a computer along with the keyboard, mouse and monitor, all within a limit of 256 polys. I managed to complete it using only 92 Polys.

As can be seen in the images below, the Unwrap is fully textured and the computer is showing up in its final render with the textures applied. It is rather messy looking which is a shame, the images I captured with my phone camera were of a poor quality, so the next time I have to take images of something for textures, I will have to make sure to use a high quality camera instead of a low quality phone camera.

Computer UVW Textured Computer Render Complete

Cog Unwrap 2 Cog Render

So this was a tutorial in 3DS Max that we had to do, each person would be assigned an item that they had to model within the program. I was assigned a cog that I had to model and texture. This is the result.

It isn’t the best cog in the world and the texturing is pretty shoddy, but that can’t be helped when it was only my second attempt at using the program. I’m sure that as time goes on I will get better at this sort of stuff with practice. Next time I will likely take some more time working on the texture as well so that it has that metallic look for the cog instead of it looking like it has been painted.

Box Unwrap in 3DS Max

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Technical Production Skills

Box UnwrapThis is the box unwrap in the program 3DS Max

Cone UnwrapThis is the cone unwrap in the program 3DS Max

Torus UnwrapThis is the unwrap of a Torus shape within the program of 3DS Max

Pyramid UnwrapThis is the Pyramid unwrap within 3DS Max