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New Blog

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

In the interest of my resitting the second year. I have created a brand new blog in which to post my content on. The link for my Mind Games blog can be found below:


Platform Expos 2013

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

So Platform has just come to an end for another year and I don’t mind saying that it was definitely the best year yet. Plenty of things to see, do and talk about all over the place as Hull was the host of the gaming convention once again, this time littered around the city center, with the City Hall being the main stage for events and talks.

Representatives from companies such as Jagex, Microsoft and Sony were all present, with talks and games littered about the showgrounds for people to attend and play, offering insights into what is going on in the industry at the moment. Exciting times are ahead my friends.

I spent most of my time hanging around the Jagex booth, talking to the reps there, getting to know them a little and finding out more about the game that they were showcasing; Ace of Spades. The game, in the simplest terms, is a first person shooter, in a world that is very similar to Minecraft. Blocks are destructible, so the environment can become decimated as rockets and bullets fly about and miners and engineers create and destroy the world around them.

Above is an example of the how to create a map within the world of Ace of Spades, there are a large selection of tools, structures and layouts that players can use to create any map they can imagine.

Jagex were also holding several tournament style matches, with teams competing for the prize, while the commentators were working within their booth between the player areas on the stage. The matches were streamed on Twitch.Tv as well, offering the game and the convention more publicity. I entered into several matches with friends in the hopes that we would win some prizes, unfortunately we weren’t good enough to win anything, but we picked up some cool Ace of Spades T-shirts from the Jagex booth and had a really good time playing.

There were also many other events on as well, such as the Retro Gaming center that had been set up in the Guild Hall, people could go and play on the old generation consoles and relive some of their earlier years of gaming with the likes of the Atari, the Nintendo 64 and many other consoles.

Ferensway Art Gallery was home to the majority of the talks held at Platform, with representatives from several major companies giving talks about several topics. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the talks due to the fact that I spent the majority of my time talking to people in City Hall about their games and then playing those games, but I heard they were very popular and interesting and I really wish I had taken the time to get to them.

I really enjoyed Platform and cannot wait for the next one to come along, I will spend more time trying to get to the Talks instead of sitting and playing games all day, but it was fun talking to some of the developers and spending time checking out their games, seeing what was out there and what to expect over the next few months.

Dunkora: Darkness Rising

Posted: July 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Ok then so a while ago for university, I was working on a Game Design document for a game that I called Dunkora: Darkness Rising. Now this was all good, the design went well and I was pushing along nicely with it.

However, I found that I was running into several problems and creating a hell of a lot more work for myself than I should have been doing, plus I was running into consistency problems due to the nature of the game, with it being set on two worlds that the player could travel between.

So going back and reviewing these problems, I will be reworking a lot of the details for the game, such as ditching the ability for certain people to travel between the worlds, as well as the portals for inter-world travel appearing and disappearing at random, instead they will be set portals and magick can be used to create and open them, thus allowing the individual or group to travel through at any given time.

I will also be moving my characters around quite a bit, eliminating some and replacing them with others, while some other characters will be moved to secondary, or helper roles, where they will give the player information and advice, instead of being a constant active force within the game.

There will be a lot of other elements, such as locations, names, items and quests, as well as combat and travel, so all in all, I shall be reworking the majority, if not all, of the game so that it feels a lot less crowded and so that the player doesn’t feel like there are too many random aspects within the game, which I felt came from the appearance and disappearance of portals, which in the original working, would come and go at random intervals, which would certainly frustrate players if they had to spend hours on end hunting down a portal only for it to disappear on them the minute they reached it.


Ok then so when it came to interactive controller ideas. I hit a barrier, because there are controllers for everything these days. However I have come up with three ideas that I wanted to get down. The first thing is minor, it is a game console controller, a cross between an Xbox controller and a Nintendo Gamecube controller in appearance, but works with both of them. It is wired and felt like quite a weak idea to me, so I left it where it was on the page as just a beginner idea to get the creative thinking flowing.

The second idea I came up with was a Nintendo Wii tablet, this was mostly an idea that came about through the Nintendo Wii-U design, but this is solely for the Wii, instead of a brand new console. This tablet has the usual analogue stick and D-Pad of the Wii controllers, but the player can sit back with the tablet and either use the controller or they can use the touch screen to direct the character the same way they would control a character through the Wii Nun-chuck and controller.

The third idea was one that came to me out of nowhere. I was sat thinking about games console controllers along with the fact that gaming seems to be moving away from consoles to mobile phones. I also had the thought that since mobiles are becoming the focus of gaming because of smart phones and the potential they carry in terms of power for games, I came up with an idea for a smart phone that can double up as a console controller. By using wireless technology within the phone, the console could have an updated application that would allow the phone to connect to it. Through this connection the player could then choose the controller option on their phone and the touch screen on the phone would then change, storing all of the phone applications away and bringing the analogue sticks and buttons that could be found on an ordinary controller. Through further development, the player could then also use the wireless technology to project their phone games through the console onto their television, thereby giving them a bigger and better screen to play their games on. Then once they are finished, they can simply disconnect and their phone becomes an ordinary phone once again.

Yet another potential game idea

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

So the other day I bought a brand new book titled Dragon Art. I had set out to buy a new book that offered drawing tips and practices so that I could improve upon my feeble drawing skills, but instead I got this one because it had cool illustrations and background about various dragon art artists along with some ways in which to go about drawing dragons myself.

Flicking through this book has unwittingly led to me having a new idea for a potential game. A couple of potential titles for it could either be Dragon Master or Heart of the Dragon.

The main point of the game is the character and their struggle. In the game the character is a hired hand, paid by the rich and powerful to slay a dragon that has been plaguing their city for many years. This currently unnamed hired hand accepts the job and sets off to hunt down the dragon on the outskirts of the city. After many hours of searching and finding clues as to the whereabouts of this fabled nightmare, the hired hand finds the cavern that the dragon has made its home in.

Sneaking into the cavern as quietly as can be done while wearing plate armor and chain mail, the hired hand manages to sneak up to the dragon and is about to plunge his sword into the back of the head of the beast when its tail whips around and swats him against a wall. The dragon having heard him coming feigned to be asleep while the hired hand sneaked into the cavern so that it could dispatch him quickly.

A fierce battle ensues with the hired hand barely able to dodge many of the dragons ferocious attacks, while the dragon becomes increasingly annoyed because it cannot just swat this pain away. After acquiring many wounds, the hired hand manages to slay the dragon by throwing his sword blindly and piercing the beasts throat, causing blood to spray everywhere. Because the hired hand can shield himself from the river of blood, he is covered in it and some of the blood seeps into his wounds, fusing with his own blood and altering his DNA.

Now with minimal thought, this hired hand can now take on the form of a dragon, granting him all of the strengths and powers of the fabled beasts. He is the first of his kind, as when he transforms into a dragon, he retains his own mind and can control himself. However, the longer he is in the form, the more dangerous it becomes as each transformation shall increase the rate in which the dragon blood will convert his human blood and his mind comes closer and closer to that of an actual dragons. If left in dragon form for too long, he will lose all of his humanity and become the very thing he was hired to kill in the first place.

This is just a rough idea at the moment, but one that I feel that needs to be followed up on as it is something different from current releases on the game market. While there are plenty of games involving dragons, Skyrim being the most recent, there is very little in the way of a hybrid of human and dragon, with the main character having the ability to become one of the creatures of myth and nightmare. I will look into it some more and come up with some more ideas for it along with a level for the city that he is hired by along with a possible rough draft of the dragon, but this may take some time to do while I am working on other projects. This is definitely something I want to do though and will likely be taken up as a hobby project, being worked on slowly so that it can be designed and developed properly.