Corporation Memorial








I’m not really sure where I was going with this, it started off as a simple box and I really just started to see what I could create. I wanted to create some sort of memorial wall or another type of large memorial thing in commemoration for the Corporate forces that lost their lives in the early in the struggle for world dominance. This render however isn’t really something I was working towards and I feel that it would take up more space than anything else as it’s quite wide and has a slight curve to it. It might serve as something else later down the line, but I think that it might be better to just create something else.


Corporation Building








This is the first of my three Corporation headquarters buildings. It isn’t the best design I’ve come up with for a Corporation building, but it certainly stands out and is rather striking in the backdrop of the city scape. While I have yet to texture the building, I find that this is probably my favourite one so far, mostly because it isn’t really a conventional building shape and with there being two doorways on the top floor of the building to the roof, which I might alter so that it only has the one exit and a helipad instead, so that there is a sort of CEO access through the roof, or maybe I could rail it off and put a roof garden, although this is less likely as it is a Corporate building and would be void of such things.


Advertising Stand








This is the first of the advertising stands that I will be placing within my game level. Simple yet effective in design, I can place this in several places around the city scape I am designing, replacing one advertisement on the screen with another as I go along, so that there are several different advertisements for users to view as they walk along.

I say that this is the first of the advertising stands because I plan on creating two or three more of them, depending on how far I progress with the other buildings that I need to create for the level, as there is quite a list and time is rapidly running out.

Generic Building 1








This is one of the first buildings that I created to go within my project environment. It is meant as a general building that will have many different fronts on it so that it appears to be many different buildings, including a computer repair shop, general goods store and maybe even a small pharmaceuticals building. This building will make up the majority of the level, with a multitude of different fronts on it, along with altering the length of the building, so that it works for many different functions within my city design.

There have been one or two problems when making this building, as I wanted to make a generic building that I could work with and alter so that I had different texture maps for it so that when it came to importing multiples of the building into the level in the game engine, I could just make materials of the textures I created and then drop them on accordingly, populating a small portion of my level from the start with this one building. However, what I didn’t take into account was the fact that while this was at first a good idea, I found that I actually needed to make different shaped buildings with a texture on each of them and that this one building wasn’t going to get me through the majority of my level design.

I also found that I aren’t actually very happy with the design of this building, as it tends to look really boring and it stands out when it is in the game engine, so I think it is time to go back to the drawing board and create a new set of buildings so that I can offer some variety within my level design and so that it actually looks like a city scape instead of my attempts at making a city scape with only a handful of buildings.

So back in Semester 1 I created the Ticket Office for the client project and it was pretty time consuming and riddles with problems and my texturing wasn’t fantastic either, overall I want to say that I aren’t impressed with my working on it to be honest.

Well in Semester 2 I wanted to get back to it and smarten it up, but with my time being monopolized by the Gate House, I was pleased when Tim offered to do it. Handing over my model and texturing, he took it and then within the week, he edited the model, correcting as many of the problems with it as he could. And of course he fixed the shoddy texturing that I did as well. In the image, on the left, is my version of the model with it’s textures on, while on the right is Tim’s reworked and edited version. As can be seen, it is much cleaner, tidier and the texturing is more in line with the original image of the building.

Ok then so I finally finished the gate house model that was to be placed within the Paragon project level. On the left is a final render of the original building that I created, which was high in poly count and difficult in texturing, whereas the render on the right is a simplified version that was created by Scott Beach, who helped me with the model texturing and taught me about Multi Sub Objects and texture sheets with the model, while helping me finish up the model because it was taking a long time to make.

My version was rather high in its poly count, because of the detail I put into the windows and the roof, whereas Scotts version was very low in polys but still looked like the model that I intended to make.

My model doesn’t really fit the design perspective for the project as it was too high a poly count for a building considering the size of the level and our need to make sure everything fit without taking up too much of the overall poly count. If we were to be creating a high poly, finely rendered version of the level or I were to use it in another piece of work, then it might have been ideal, but to fit the design perspective, the simplistic version that was created by Scott suits our endeavor a lot more.

Gate House Model 1 Final Render Gate House Model 2 Final Render

Chair Final Render Table Final Render








Here are the final renders for the table and chair I created that are to be put within the Project Paragon level that we have been working on.

I had a little bit of difficulty with the chair design as I wasn’t sure what sort of chairs were being used around in 1914, but after some initial research, I settled upon a simple yet effective chair design that was shown to in use throughout cafés of that time. I also created a table that can be scaled and moved to different widths so that multiples of them can be placed throughout the café for the patrons to sit at. While they are using the same wood texture on their Unwraps, I felt that this was necessary because they could be part of a set, or they could be altered at a later date, but I feel that the same wood texture is a great way to go as they could be matching and the café owners could be seen as not too picky as to what they are using for people sit on and at while in the café.