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Ok so this is the GUI/HUD design for the Rabbit Suit. First person, with the control sticks in sight, which of course when Ululu is sat in it will also have her hands shown to be holding them. There are three screens across the top of the display, these display the weapons that the Rabbit has, which at the moment as can be seen in the screenshot are missiles, with an ammo count of 20 and the Rabbits own Katana. The ammo will deplete as the missiles are fired at enemies and the Katana has no life span. In the middle screen is what I called the Ululu Cam, this gives the player a camera view of Ululus face, once animated, she would respond with a grimace, look of shock or fright whenever the Rabbit is hit for a large amount of damage or a part of it is damaged to the extent that it cannot be used, as the suit becomes more and more damaged, the more desperate her facial expression will become, till the suit is damaged to the extent where she needs to escape it, wherein she will press the eject button on the joystick and she will eject to safety from the suit before it explodes from the extent of its damage. On the final screen is a rough representation of the Rabbit suits health. Ideally the screen would display a face on image of the suit, with each part highlighted in green, as each part takes a hit, the colour will change from green to yellow, to orange and finally, red when it is damaged and no longer working. Once over 50% of the suit is damaged beyond use, Ululu would be forcibly ejected from the suit. Of course there is also a cross-hair in the middle of the screen so that the player can target their enemies in front of them, otherwise they would be aiming blind and there would be a really good chance that they could miss the intended opponent.

Rabbit Heart Rabbit Suit GUI







This is of course only a rough idea as to how the HUD would be designed, but I feel that it does its job well as it offers a solid design that doesn’t clutter up the screen with icons and screens, and yet at the same time manages to give the feeling that the character is inside the Rabbit suit.


These are the mid dungeon bosses that you face, gaining information, experience and items from them when you defeat them, better equipping you to battle the final bosses.


Dark Elf General:

Masters of all forms of warfare, these guys are pretty damn mean, even by the standards of the Dark Elves. They bring out fear like a dragon breathes fire; they are just the worst form of Elf to come across if you are tied up in a dungeon. They command absolute respect and are not above killing their own kind to achieve victory. If they think that their troops are about to break ranks and retreat, they will grab the nearest elf and make an example of them, spurning on the rest of the army before horrible things happen to them. Using magicks that are the darkest kind, spells that should have never seen the light of day, they can bring about horrible mutations and debilitating pain to their enemies at the snap of their fingers. They are second in their disciplines only to The Dark Lady herself and they have no morals at all. There are probably a couple of these guys, the rest dying as the High Elves and Elementals started fighting back and slowly thwarting the taking of major holds that could have helped shorten the Dark Elf campaign by years. The Dark Lady does not forgive and only the successful may take their place in her council.

This opponent is used to the ways of magick and will work to counter spells that are thrown at them, therefore it is advisable to throw multiple spells at once from several magick casters if possible, or mix up the combat by having the melee characters engage while the magick casters throw spells in a constant stream. They will wise up to the fight styles after a while, so it is good to keep mixing it up and changing the play style to keep them from becoming resistant to your tactics. They carry some pretty sweet armour and weapons, so of course it is always good to pick their body once you have beaten them.

Warp Spawn Demon:

This creature is just the epitome of terror. This is the result of experiments by the Dark Elves into splicing genes and putting them into one host. This is of course the ultimate abomination in the eyes of every race in the realm and should not exist, and yet here it is defending The Dark Lady and ready to rip your head off before you can so much as yell in surprise or horror at the sight of this otherworldly thing. This thing offers one hell of a fight, you have to find its weak points and move around dodging its attacks so that you can get into position and take it down through these weak points. Seriously, good luck. It can fly, it can use magick, it is a powerhouse in melee, so yeah this is going to prove to be a challenge, hence why it is the defender of The Dark Lady towards the end of the game when the player is gearing their characters up for the end game and they feel that they need the challenge.



Wraith King:

The Wraith King is said to be just a legend, because no one has ever seen this mythical figure and lived to tell the tale. It is said that he was once a warrior of great renowned, but when the Elven Magick struck his corpse on the battlefield, he returned to unlife with a somewhat bitter resentment, he had hoped that when he died on the battlefield he would be able to rest in peace. Alas this is not so, so he pledged his allegiance to the Dark Elf cause, hoping that they would be able to deliver on their promise of releasing him from his ethereal bonds so that he could rest once again.

He isn’t particularly pleased with the way the Dark Elves conduct their wars, with little honour and a lot of brutality, but he sees that it is necessary, and since he is without honour in his unlife, he does not care for their ways, he protects the one known his leader and will lay down his soul for them.

He is the most ferocious and calculating fighter, a warrior without peer, and it will take a lot of endurance, smarts and luck to take down this troublesome soldier of the old times. He is very resistant to melee attacks, magick is somewhat unknown to him, so magickal attacks are the best way to wear him down and break his concentration before leaping in to strike that final blow.

Marauder Warmonger:

The Warmonger is the leader of the Marauders and is absolutely without mercy towards his victims and soldiers alike. He does not believe in softness, as it is something that can hold back an arm at a vital moment and will often result in death. He is a bandit of a thousand raids, working his way up through the ranks until he took the top position by force, as is the marauder way. The only person he answers too is Serena herself, even though he is loath to let a woman boss him around, he is happy to work for her, raiding and pillaging everything he sets his sights on.

He is an all-round fighter, with no special resistance to anything, but he is tough, capable of shrugging off many wounds. It will take an especially fatal blow to fell this lethal man, and his opponents better make sure that he is dead for they may turn their backs on what they think is a corpse only to find that they have a knife between their shoulders before they can take another step.

Dragonkin General:

The Dragonkin General was assigned to Richard Flak for support in case he should ever come under threat. This unit also relays all commands from the Hybrid when it comes to sending Dragonkin out into the battlefield, giving them orders and organizing their movements.

When in battle, he will take to his dragon form, providing a bigger challenge due to his size and natural defences in the form of his scales. As a dragon he will have high magickal resistance and a small amount of resistance towards melee attacks, meaning an endurance fight will always be on the table when fighting this mighty foe.

Dark Elf Berserker:

Dark Elf Berserkers are brutish creatures that have been enhanced through the use of magick. The side effect being that they fly into murderous rages at the most minor of things and cannot stop unless they run out of things to smash and enemies to fight. They carry many scars on their bodies from long and bloody battles; they carry these scars like trophies to show that they have been in ferocious and bloody battles and bested the greatest of warriors in combat. They are heavily resistant to melee weapons and have minor resistance to magickal attacks, so picking your battles carefully and staying out of their attack range is advised, otherwise you could find that you may not have a body for much longer once they get a hold on you. There aren’t many of them as many who undergo the Berserker procedure lack the mind set and drive to survive it, but the few that have been unleashed onto the battlefield are mighty foes and not one that should be taken lightly.

Dragonkin Warriors:

Dragonkin Warriors are the adults of the clans, they have trained for years and are masters of their disciplines, whether that be ground or aerial combat with a mixture of weapons, they can fight and they can fight very well. Fortunately not many of them have been sent out into the battlefield because they are prone to challenge one another if there are two or more of them in the area, therefore they are thinly spread, so they aren’t a regular occurrence, normally you will fall victim to them more and more as you get closer to the Dark Pass Mountains. Even though they have been thrown in with the Dark Elf war effort, they don’t venture too far from their homeland, choosing the ravage the land around their home instead of travelling out with war groups and waging large scale battles for terrain. Unlike the hatchlings, they prefer to hide their dragon wings, but they do wear their scales instead of hiding them behind human skin, giving them a reptilian appearance that can scare even the most formidable of soldiers when you see these fearless fighters coming forth.

They are also more inclined to use their dragon forms if they are outnumbered, if they feel that the fight is not in their favour, they will really let rip and shape shift into their full dragon form, soon turning the fight into a feast of flesh and blood, with a side order of mutilation and terror. They enjoy fighting and if you come across one outside of the Dark Pass Mountains cordon, then you should count yourself lucky as their reinforcements are likely a long way off and you have a slight chance of survival and maybe even a chance at victory.



War Wraith:

War Wraiths are a bigger deal than normal Wraiths and are much harder to come across; which is probably a good thing. They are almost as strong as a small boss, there are very few of them and they have survived so many battles against warriors and mages that they have built up a heavy resistance to both, so it is pretty much going to be an endurance race against one of these. They are highly resistant to magick and highly resistant to melee attacks, so making sure you carry plenty of healing items and abilities will help when fighting these guys. Combo attacking them and stacking abilities against them will help break through their resistance, but you have to be quick because if they catch on before you can break through and really hammer them, they could spirit away and return at a later date with either backup in the form of a couple of normal wraiths, or they may come back wiser than before and will work to counter your attacks and it will be much harder to kill them the second time around, so it is good to mix up your fight styles to keep them from working out your strategy. These guys did not get to be War Wraiths by brute force and survivability alone.

Empowered Warp Spawn:

The Empowered Warp Spawn are the beefed up versions of their brethren the Warp Spawn. These guys are bigger, badder and meaner, they have endured many battles and been patched up with more dark magicks by the Dark Elves, meaning they have been bloated beyond the realms of normal mutation. These beings are monsters in every sense of the word. Having been let loose to roam the land because they are too dangerous to keep in the holds, these creatures have been given armour and a weapon and sent forth to just terrify and kill everything that they come across in the realm of Dunkora. Mindless would be too kind a word to use for these guys, they are like Hulks, they are pure rage incarnate, rampaging and destroying everything in their path and not giving a damn about who they kill or how they kill them. The best thing to do when coming across one of these guys is to just freeze it and beat it to death before it can take a swing at that ping pong ball that you call a head. Also do not let them gather momentum, otherwise they will trample all over you and the battle will be over before it can begin. Fortunately due to the amount of noise they make once they spot a target you will be able to spot them a mile off and act accordingly.

Marauder Captain:

Marauder Captains are the camp leaders, they will take out bands of marauders and set up camps near locations that they want to raid for loot and slaves to sell off to the highest bidder. These guys have worked their way up through the ranks and have proven that they are capable of handling any situation when they are out in the field. They are in charge of everything when they are in camp and have to make all of the decisions, if they succeed then they are praised, if they fail and return to the head camp without anything to show for their efforts, then it is likely that they shall not be a Captain, or alive, for much longer. They are pretty brutal in a fight, with tougher armour and better quality weapons along with improved reflexes honed through battles and fights and can prove to be quite the challenge for travellers and soldiers. They are pretty straight forward and aggressive so staying at range and using magick to slow the Captain or maybe turn him into a pin cushion with arrows if you are the range character of the group. Their armour does very little against enchanted weapons too, so mixing up the fight style helps against these guys and keep the fights interesting instead of just straight beating them down into the grave.

Dark Elf Warriors:

Dark Elf warriors are by far one of the most proficient in combat on the world of Dunkora. They carry basic Scimitar type weapons which they wield with deadly efficiency. Their strength and agility allow them to take down even the toughest of enemies with precision and the in the smallest window of time. Their weaknesses are magic type attacks and abilities that slow them down or stop them from being able to get into those close quarter fights, while they have an advantage over range type units, getting into the fight before their enemies have the chance to fire off more than one arrow. They are the most commonly found enemy on the battlefields of Dunkora and will be one of the most commonly seen enemies throughout the game.

Dragonkin Hatchlings:

Dragonkin Hatchlings are the teenagers of the Dragonkin race. They are the teenagers of the clans and have been trained in combat to a proficient level. As a sign of willingness towards the cause of the Dark Elves war effort they have been released to the battlefield earlier than the Dragonkin are happy with. Normally they would be trained until they are full adults. These fighters can swoop down from the air and engage their enemies with spears or swords and shields. They are usually teamed up with scouting parties and are a worthy challenge to the traveller that crosses them.

Elemental Rogues:

These rogues are followers of the Elemental traitor Megan Tanzir, who took a band of rebellious people in when they saw that the Dark Elves were on the war path and wanted to be a part of it. They are stealthy characters, striking out from shadowy locations with daggers tipped in poisons that cannot be found anywhere but in the land of the Elementals. These rogues also have the ability to use some minor magickal abilities for stealth reasons and enchanting their weapons with poisons.


Wraiths are one of the newer beings in the world of Dunkora. First spawned after the Elven Wars due to the immense amount of magickal energy buzzing around in the air afterwards, souls of warriors found that they were independent of their bodies upon death. The realization drove them insane and they slowly warped into the wraiths that people fear in recent times. They stalk the ruins of old cities and villages, long abandoned by their previous tenants through war and death. Wraiths can be difficult to fight as they are the trapped souls of warriors, however magickal attacks can penetrate their ethereal bodies and countering their attacks can make them vulnerable for the melee characters to strike out and put an end to this ancient and proud warriors torment.

Warp Spawn/Abomination:

Warp Spawn are the twisted victims of the Dark Elves. They are the prisoners that have been taken back to Draknor and submitted to torture and magickal abuse at the hands of the Dark Elf Torture Lords. They have been twisted by the magicks that have been let loose on them, their minds and bodies broken by the brutality they have suffered. These mindless creatures have been enhanced and leashed to the Dark Elves’ will, obeying all commands and destroying anything that gets in their way. Massive twisted brutes wander the battle zones, crushing their opponents with massive hands and bulging muscles. Brute strength is not enough to take these monsters down as only the most grievous of wounds can take them down.


Marauders are basically bandits; they appear out of nowhere, steal and kill their way through small, poorly defended villages, taking everything of value and then sneaking out again before anyone knows what is happening. They usually form camps and small fortresses close to their targets, setting up watches so that they can map out a capture and control plan before they strike their targets, plotting and working out the best plan of attack. They also appear on trails, mugging and often killing travellers as they pass unwittingly through marauder territory. Marauders are very battle proficient, using swords, spears, axes and bows and arrows to attack their marks and defend their camps.

Dark Elf Mages:

Once it came to the attention of the Dark Elves that their warriors were being hunted and taken out by a group of warriors using magickal abilities, they started incorporating mages into their war groups, offering some magickal support to their warriors. They hang back a short distance in a fight, offering support to their warriors with shielding spells and hitting back at the enemy with offensive spells that can prove devastating if the enemy is caught out. They are weak to melee attacks however, so if a warrior breaks free to engage them; it could soon shorten the fight by a whole lot by dispatching these magickal mischief makers.

Dark Elf Archers:

Dark Elf archers are the other kind of support that a Dark Elf warrior group have been offered. The Dark Elves have had to adapt their armies to fight the new group that has appeared and is taking down their war groups. Mages and warriors have proven less and less effective as their enemies have learnt their movements and deployments, so now archers are hired in order to stand back and reign down well placed arrows on their opponents while they are engaged by the warriors and mages. These units are weak to magick and melee attacks and will often run if they see a warrior or mage coming their way if they are fortunate enough to be able to run at all.

These images are visual representations of the character Nick Blitz, as is mentioned in the title of course. These images are of men that have dreadlocks and have quite the warrior type look about them, the twins from the film The Matrix Reloaded are also in here because of their dreadlocks style.
300_108722 4856907885_5551ab2110_z jason_momoa_actor_dreadlocks_beard_mustache_brunette_18976_1024x1024

The character visual representations do not have pig tails in like the character bio said the character had, however I managed to secure some images of females with red hair so that similar styles can be seen that could be used for the character instead.

Red-Hair-Color-2 red-hair-with-brown


Even though she is not a teenager, Katy Perry does have some awesome dark purple hair going on in this image, so I decided to use it for the hair visual representation while the teenager in the left hand image is a lot closer to the character herself in terms of age and looks.
Emo-Hairstyles-For-Girls-With-Long-Blue-Hair katy-perry-hair