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Box Unwrap in 3DS Max

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Technical Production Skills

Box UnwrapThis is the box unwrap in the program 3DS Max


Cone UnwrapThis is the cone unwrap in the program 3DS Max

Torus UnwrapThis is the unwrap of a Torus shape within the program of 3DS Max

Pyramid UnwrapThis is the Pyramid unwrap within 3DS Max

Cylinder UnwrapThis is the unwrapped form of the cylinder basic primitive within 3DS Max.


Photoshop Collage

Yes this is looking pretty basic, but with an interesting premise behind it. Following up with a different version of Star Trek, the team aboard the Enterprise were in fact sucked into the Black Hole they created that consumed the Romulan ship. However the emerged from it to find an alternate world complete with Earth and starcraft. However, floating in place of the Earths original Moon, there is now a massive Space Station that isn’t looking too friendly. Suddenly without warning, X-Wing fighters come abounding, aiming straight for the Space Station that starts to fire on them. So the Enterprise observes and soon comes under attack itself, so it pitches in with the X-Wings to destroy this alternate world Death Star.

Break and Make Model

I started with a simple car, more specifically a 4×4 jeep type vehicle. Then by breaking up the model of an army jeep, I have kitted out the car with parts from the jeep like the rear mounted .50 cal turret and the guns on the sides of it are the turrets that were mounted on the top of the army jeep.