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So we had to come up with a name for our own production company. Creating two lists, one of colours, textures, precious stones and metals and one of emotions, animals, weather events, flowers, fruit, weapons and appendages, I managed to cross several words and have created a list of Production Company names that I could possibly use. Here is said list:

Black Lotus Games
Black Lotus Studios
Iron Thunder Games
AK-47 Productions
AK-47 Studios
Brass Monkey Games
Black Dahlia Productions
Jade Monkey Games
White Lightning Studios
Poison Ivy Productions
Purple Rain Games.

Out of these names, I felt closest to Black Lotus Studios and AK-47 Studios. I came up with the names through the list technique, I came to the conclusion of Black Lotus Studios through my interest in the trading card game Magic: the Gathering as Black Lotus is an old an iconic card and it gives me a connection between the name and the game.

AK-47 Studios came about through the weapon of the same name, it could represent quick games, action packed, most likely for a company that produces first person shooters with the AK-47 being an automatic rifle. I thought that if I used the name of the weapon, I could put across the genre of game that the company would likely make, therefore it would help that particular production company set up a rapport with the target audience before any games are released.