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Ok so this is the GUI/HUD design for the Rabbit Suit. First person, with the control sticks in sight, which of course when Ululu is sat in it will also have her hands shown to be holding them. There are three screens across the top of the display, these display the weapons that the Rabbit has, which at the moment as can be seen in the screenshot are missiles, with an ammo count of 20 and the Rabbits own Katana. The ammo will deplete as the missiles are fired at enemies and the Katana has no life span. In the middle screen is what I called the Ululu Cam, this gives the player a camera view of Ululus face, once animated, she would respond with a grimace, look of shock or fright whenever the Rabbit is hit for a large amount of damage or a part of it is damaged to the extent that it cannot be used, as the suit becomes more and more damaged, the more desperate her facial expression will become, till the suit is damaged to the extent where she needs to escape it, wherein she will press the eject button on the joystick and she will eject to safety from the suit before it explodes from the extent of its damage. On the final screen is a rough representation of the Rabbit suits health. Ideally the screen would display a face on image of the suit, with each part highlighted in green, as each part takes a hit, the colour will change from green to yellow, to orange and finally, red when it is damaged and no longer working. Once over 50% of the suit is damaged beyond use, Ululu would be forcibly ejected from the suit. Of course there is also a cross-hair in the middle of the screen so that the player can target their enemies in front of them, otherwise they would be aiming blind and there would be a really good chance that they could miss the intended opponent.

Rabbit Heart Rabbit Suit GUI







This is of course only a rough idea as to how the HUD would be designed, but I feel that it does its job well as it offers a solid design that doesn’t clutter up the screen with icons and screens, and yet at the same time manages to give the feeling that the character is inside the Rabbit suit.



Melee weapons are not all that different on the Human World. There are still the usual swords and staffs and knives, but the designs are very different. Instead of long swords and broad swords there are katana and short swords and instead of crude daggers there are switchblades. In addition to these melee weapons, there are also the likes of piping, crow bars, baseball bats and other items of destruction and pain that can be acquired as the characters travel and battle their way around and through the cities of the Human World as they try to save it. Weapons can be stockpiled in the characters home so that the player does not have to continuously buy new weapons, but there is a space limit, so choosing the appropriate weapons of each type is the key to maintaining a healthy and varied armoury. Certain weapons cannot be enchanted or enhanced.

A short list of available melee weapons (To be expanded):

  • Katana
  • Baseball bat
  • Lead pipe
  • Machete
  • Switch blade
  • Short sword
  • Crow bar
  • Shovel

Like with everything else, weapons eventually show signs of wear and tear, if a weapon is used repeatedly over a period of time then they shall become damaged and eventually they will have to be discarded. Taking them to the relevant shop means that they can be repaired; illegally acquired weapons will wear out quicker than shop bought counterparts and cannot be taken to the relevant weapon shop to be repaired, on account of them being illegally acquired.



As the times have changed so have the weapons. Gone are the days of the crossbow and bow and arrow. Humans evolved and developed new and improved ways of committing murder on a large scale. These first came in the form of crude weapons that could launch metal ball bearings long distances at high speeds, changing shape and becoming the guns that we know and fear today. Some of these weapons can be enhanced with magick so that they deal additional damage or travel faster or are more effective at longer ranges, but none of these enhancements can be permanent. Some weapons cannot be enhanced or enchanted.

Guns – Guns come in many forms, normally as either rifles or pistols. They can be used by anyone, so all of the characters are able to hold them and use them, but depending on their class, some characters will be better and more efficient with firearms than others. For example a ranger class character is used to firing a bow and arrow or a crossbow, so they have a fine aim, meaning they could use a gun much better than a melee character that normally swings a sword around and has next to no aim at all. Rifles have the options of several upgrades, meaning they can deal more damage and ignore armour if they are upgraded with hollow point bullets or the character can gain increased aim if the weapon is upgraded to have a targeting sight attached to it. Guns can be upgraded, but they cannot be enchanted or enhanced.

Electronic Bow – The bow and arrow have survived the ravages of time, evolving as technology has evolved, becoming more potent and accurate. The invention of the electronic bow pushed it to the peak of perfection. The bow maintains its standard shape and size, but microchips within the curvature of the bow fuel a small targeting screen, giving the user the information they need such as wind speed and direction so that they can alter their position to account for the changes they need. Electronic upgrades can be applied at the correct store, making the bow more potent and have more options. The player needs to find the perfect balance with the bow, otherwise they could find that they have a high damage bow that can only fire short distances, or they will have a long distance bow that deals minor damage even when it hits a vital part of a body. Bows cannot be enchanted.



Spells – Over the years spells have matured and changed in nature. While the spells within the realm of Dunkora are aggressive and openly destructive, because of the environment around them, mages within the Human World have to be careful to avoid collateral damage and destruction around them, so the spells have become much more focused and can be fired at enemies with a lot more precision than the spells of Dunkora, which had the chance of “splashing” onto other people and the immediate area, causing damage.

Enchantments – Enchantments have survived the times along with magick and so the mages within the group can enchant certain weapons while they are in the Human World. Once they are placed upon a weapon they cannot be undone, they imbue the weapon with a property such as being able to deal fire damage or they are more likely to cause a grievous wound when they hit. Some weapons cannot be enchanted.

Augmentations – Augmentations are similar to enchantments, however, they require a physical component in order to work, so certain items cannot be augmented because they may not have a slot on them for the augmentation gem to be placed into. Augmentations do not grant magickal properties to the weapon they are attached too; instead they may cause the weapon to fire from a longer range, deal more generic damage or cause a grievous wound to the enemy when they are hit. Augmentations can be removed, but once that augmentation is removed from the weapon it can then no longer be placed upon that weapon, so it is wise to make sure which augmentations you place on a weapon instead of wanting to change them all the time. Some weapons cannot be augmented. A maximum of two augmentations may be placed upon weapons.

Item Types

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Melee weapons are the usual assortment of Axes, Swords and Shields, Spears and Staffs. They can be enchanted so that they deal greater damage or can apply some elemental damage to an enemy such as burning if the weapon is enchanted with fire.

Swords come in various shapes, some a normal long swords, others are bigger and broader and will require both hands to wield, meaning the user will be more susceptible to wounds as they shall not be capable of using a shield with the great weapon.

Staffs come in all shapes and sizes and with a variety of blades and gems on the ends. If the character is a melee fighter then they can equip staffs that have blades on the end and if they are mages then they will likely be inclined to take a staff with a gem on the end so that they can channel their energies through it. Staffs can also be enchanted to deal extra damage or to enhance the magickal properties of abilities.

Knives are also a weapon class, preferred by assassins and rogues for their stealthy applications as they are better used within the tight confines of a room than a sword and they allow the character to sneak up on their prey undetected. They cannot be enchanted, but they can be sharpened, making it easier for the user to deal a critical hit on their enemies and causing grievous wounds, meaning an opponent will bleed and lose life slowly for a period of time.

Axes are another weapon type and can only be used by characters that are high in strength as the axes of Dunkora tend to be big lumber some things used for cleaving a wide variety of things in half with the least bit of effort.  They can be sharpened but they cannot be enchanted, however the sheer brute force of the axe means that the wielder can deal a decent amount of damage, often ignoring heavy armour in the process.




Ranged weapons are used primarily by rangers, obviously. Unfortunately within Dunkora there aren’t many types of ranged weapons, mostly just Bows and Crossbows.


These are standard wooden bows used to fire arrows great distances into enemy armies, they can be both precision and hit and hope weapons dependant on the hands that holds the weapon. Rangers can use these to great effect, hitting the soft spots in enemy armour and causing a great many wounds from range. If the ranger runs out of arrows then they shall either use the bow as a club or they will discard it and fight hand to hand.


These are a technological step forward from the simple Bow, being able to shoot arrows greater distances and can deal more damage to an opponent. They can also be used to shoot an enemy close range without being troublesome. Some prefer the Bow over the Crossbow but then it does come down to personal preference. Rangers can use these weapons as well as Bows and often carry one of each, just to be on the safe side.

Ranged weapons cannot be enchanted or enhanced in any way beyond their natural properties.




Arcane weapons are complicated and only mages really use them because they understand the mystical properties of these items.

Enchantments – enchantments are used to enhance a weapon, they can be applied through the use of spells and gems, giving the weapon a new property that cannot be removed once applied. Fire and Ice enchantments are not uncommon and are used to great effect, setting fire and freezing opponents with each strike. Mages are able to complete these enchantments once they have learned the proper skills. They can also upgrade the enchantment to a degree, making the weapon that little bit more potent. Certain armours can also be enchanted to offer more protection to the wearer. A weapon can only have one enchantment.

Arcane Staff – The mage of the group will often have to carry a staff with them so that they can channel their energies and direct spells at their enemies. They can cast spells without a staff but it can be dangerous for the mage as well as the opponent.  The staff cannot be enchanted, but more powerful staffs can be bought and equipped, offering the mage a degree of power with a certain type of magick depending on the staff equipped. The staff is also tough enough to act as a melee weapon should the mage come under attack by warriors. The staff is not particularly damaging and will often do next to nothing against seasoned fighters, but the mage feels better for being able to beat people with a staff all the same.

Spells – Of course a mage would not be a mage if they did not know a tonne of spells that they can throw around. There are spells that freeze, cause damage and deal with troublesome enemies are the norm on Dunkora and are becoming an increasingly common thing in the Human World as well. However there are spells that also heal and repair, bringing new life to those affected instead of taking it away. Indeed a mage has to know when to use their healing abilities and when they are going to have to call upon their destructive magicks, it is often hard for a mage to control themselves and many turn rogue and use their powers to ravage lands until they are finally stopped at great cost.

Scrolls – Scrolls can be found in chests or shops, they often have nothing of worth on them, either someone’s diary of how they became trapped and frightened with a cave or some exert from a long lost book that can provide some back story to the game or a character. Other times they will offer some form of wisdom or a new spell that the player can use to teach the character a new ability or spell to use. Once a scroll has been used, it cannot be used again. New instances of the scroll shall have to be found or purchased and used on different characters if applicable.

Temporary Buffs – A mage is capable of offering themselves and comrades a temporary buff in terms of armour or strength while in battle. The effect only lasts a few seconds at a time, but the effect is a benefit all the same and can often swing a battle from a loss into a victory. No more than two buffs can be applied to a character at any time. Temporary buffs come in the form of an ability that will have a cool down time after use.

Wands – Wands are a small item that can be used in place of a staff if the player so chooses too. It offers no enhancements to magick at all but it is less cumbersome than a staff and allows the mage to use a sword as well if they are a battle mage.

For the first proper assignment we were given with the program 3DS Max, we were assigned objects around the studio to recreate within the program. I was assigned a door lock to recreate.

As can be seen in the image below, my door lock was a partial success (in my mind at least) because it looks like a door lock. I will need to practice more in order to get the shape properly recreated so that is something that I need to build on and work at, but I think that with time I could get there.

If I had to go back to do this again, even though I took plenty of pictures of it for reference, I would definitely take more of them just so that I can cover all of the angles that need to be covered and so that I can get the mechanisms right in shape and look. I will also likely be able to texture the final product next time as well, which would add to making it look like a proper door lock.

Finished Door Lock Render

So for one of the assignments within the module, we had to create a model of a computer along with the keyboard, mouse and monitor, all within a limit of 256 polys. I managed to complete it using only 92 Polys.

As can be seen in the images below, the Unwrap is fully textured and the computer is showing up in its final render with the textures applied. It is rather messy looking which is a shame, the images I captured with my phone camera were of a poor quality, so the next time I have to take images of something for textures, I will have to make sure to use a high quality camera instead of a low quality phone camera.

Computer UVW Textured Computer Render Complete

Cog Unwrap 2 Cog Render

So this was a tutorial in 3DS Max that we had to do, each person would be assigned an item that they had to model within the program. I was assigned a cog that I had to model and texture. This is the result.

It isn’t the best cog in the world and the texturing is pretty shoddy, but that can’t be helped when it was only my second attempt at using the program. I’m sure that as time goes on I will get better at this sort of stuff with practice. Next time I will likely take some more time working on the texture as well so that it has that metallic look for the cog instead of it looking like it has been painted.


So we have been working on “The Street” for a while now, models have all been submitted for the project now and I thought I had held off putting my renders up for long enough. So here they are, my building and asset.

I built a pub for the building portion of the project, it doesn’t look overly like a pub in the render underneath unfortunately which I am a little disappointed in, I will need to be more savvy on the look the next time it comes to building something like this. I found it difficult at times creating parts for it as well such as the windows, and then applying the textures because I kept doing the texture map wrong, but I got there in the end, which was good because my patience was wearing a little thin towards the end.

The asset is the pub sign, which was easy to make and simple to render once I had gotten the hang of texturing the building. The sign is nice and simple and looks like a sign. It fits onto the building with no problem and looks fine. It would have been better if I had taken the time to create a hanging sign to hang over the door instead of a wooden sign that sits above the top window of the building and this is something that I shall be doing the next time I have the chance to work on something like this.
Pub Asset Render Pub render