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This book is phenomenally useful. Offering ways to create characters, their enemies, their friends, even the world around them through lists, tips and tricks and examples. This book offers everything that a budding designer needs.

David Perry really knows his stuff and even though this wasn’t on the list of recommended reading, I bought a copy anyway and can safely say that I am not regretting the decision one bit. I have learnt more about how to create characters, using the lists within the book to create stronger characters and how to write about them, as well as giving them contrasting traits between the main characters and their counterparts, along with dynamic enemies and monsters for them to work with and combat.

It offers a lot in terms of information for starter designers and is worth the buy, for it will come in useful for many years to come.


Ok so I recently finished reading this. It was interesting if not a little disappointing. I definitely learnt plenty about creating strong characters, picking up such things as location, archetypes and personality traits that could all work towards the creation of an unforgettable character, one that would stick in the minds of players for years to come.

However, I also came to the conclusion that while it is full of useful information, the writer was also trying to stroke her ego. I know that in books such as this, scenarios are often needed in order to bring context to the explanation, but more than once it just seemed like the author wanted to highlight a part of her own very successful career, instead of just giving an example scenario that the reader could use to learn something useful and I found this frustrating after a while, because writers and designers read this book in order to learn how they can create stronger characters for their projects, instead of reading the highlights of someones career.

I did find this book useful overall, learning some new things about character design and creation, which is what I started reading the book for in the first place, but I feel that the author could have done to keep the examples to something generic instead of using her own work as examples. I know each writer has their own particular way of putting information across but still, it was a little too much and felt a little egotistical.

So sometimes within games there are certain crossovers, there could be a mechanic from one game genre found in another, or a certain way the player interacts with the game. One example of this would be the first and third person views available in the Elder Scrolls games, so the person can have the traditional RPG experience in third person or they can take on the game through the first person view like in a first person shooter game.

Another example of a conversion within a game would be Brutal Legend.

This game is an RPG that has elements of a real time strategy built into it. There are “Stage Battles” paced throughout the game where the player has to build up their stage and their army in order to beat the enemy band and destroy their stage, similar to how a player has to build up their base and their army within a Strategy game like Red Alert or Starcraft.

This is the first that I have ever really come across something like this, because while the game is primarily RPG, it does have that element of RTS within it, which is a nice crossover because it offers something unique to the game that gives it that fresh edge and it gives the player something else to do within the game, while having it add an extra challenge for them to overcome.

Even though it is interesting, it is also sometimes rather annoying because if the player loses the battle, they have to start over and do it all again until they complete it, which is the norm in any game, but of course it is still frustrating. It’s also sometimes a case of the battles dragging on as neither side can gain any ground until something major happens, giving that team the edge. I feel that the premise of this crossover was well thought out, but it could have been implemented in another way, but as it is, it’s fun and offers a new challenge to the player that may not be present within other games.


These images are visual representations of the character Nick Blitz, as is mentioned in the title of course. These images are of men that have dreadlocks and have quite the warrior type look about them, the twins from the film The Matrix Reloaded are also in here because of their dreadlocks style.
300_108722 4856907885_5551ab2110_z jason_momoa_actor_dreadlocks_beard_mustache_brunette_18976_1024x1024

The character visual representations do not have pig tails in like the character bio said the character had, however I managed to secure some images of females with red hair so that similar styles can be seen that could be used for the character instead.

Red-Hair-Color-2 red-hair-with-brown


Even though she is not a teenager, Katy Perry does have some awesome dark purple hair going on in this image, so I decided to use it for the hair visual representation while the teenager in the left hand image is a lot closer to the character herself in terms of age and looks.
Emo-Hairstyles-For-Girls-With-Long-Blue-Hair katy-perry-hair

Serena Nightshade is the ultimate Antagonist within my game and her image needed to reflect this, so I have compiled some images to represent her until such a time comes along where I can draw her myself.

640x960_13651_Dark_Elf_3d_fantasy_character_elf_girl_woman_picture_image_digital_art goth_girl-demonism