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Character Sketch

So this is my most recent sketch of my character. I would have done a full character sheet with the character standing at different angles but I still suffer from noobie drawing skills and cannot draw well enough to do an entire body without having to resort to some stupid looking cartoonified character that doesn’t go with the image of the character I had in mind. Then again this character sketch doesn’t either but this is as close as I am going to get for the time being.
He does look pretty out of it at the moment, I haven’t really gotten the hang of eyes yet and when I checked on him from a short distance his face wasn’t completely on center and was actually wonky if I am honest, but that is learning for you.
The hair is annoying me as well, I cannot draw hair properly yet either but this in my opinion was a pretty good attempt, I just need to get more practice in, look at some tutorials and kick myself into gear so that I can draw better. Practice is all I need and practice I shall.



Ok then so when it came to interactive controller ideas. I hit a barrier, because there are controllers for everything these days. However I have come up with three ideas that I wanted to get down. The first thing is minor, it is a game console controller, a cross between an Xbox controller and a Nintendo Gamecube controller in appearance, but works with both of them. It is wired and felt like quite a weak idea to me, so I left it where it was on the page as just a beginner idea to get the creative thinking flowing.

The second idea I came up with was a Nintendo Wii tablet, this was mostly an idea that came about through the Nintendo Wii-U design, but this is solely for the Wii, instead of a brand new console. This tablet has the usual analogue stick and D-Pad of the Wii controllers, but the player can sit back with the tablet and either use the controller or they can use the touch screen to direct the character the same way they would control a character through the Wii Nun-chuck and controller.

The third idea was one that came to me out of nowhere. I was sat thinking about games console controllers along with the fact that gaming seems to be moving away from consoles to mobile phones. I also had the thought that since mobiles are becoming the focus of gaming because of smart phones and the potential they carry in terms of power for games, I came up with an idea for a smart phone that can double up as a console controller. By using wireless technology within the phone, the console could have an updated application that would allow the phone to connect to it. Through this connection the player could then choose the controller option on their phone and the touch screen on the phone would then change, storing all of the phone applications away and bringing the analogue sticks and buttons that could be found on an ordinary controller. Through further development, the player could then also use the wireless technology to project their phone games through the console onto their television, thereby giving them a bigger and better screen to play their games on. Then once they are finished, they can simply disconnect and their phone becomes an ordinary phone once again.


Construction lines are something that I hadn’t really come across before so I didn’t really know how to do them. Through practice (Which led to a lot of frustration and corrections) I have managed to come up with a couple of practices that look marginally successful even though I feel that I could do better with time and more practice because these are pretty basic and rubbish if I am honest. I also tried to do a 3D object at the bottom of the page, which was a bit of a failure as it curves in on itself a little, nothing to do with the curve in the object of course, but it leans in on itself on one side which is frustrating but as I said, my drawing skills are relatively new and I need to keep working on them.


This second image is a mixture of things I tried. The first one is a failed attempt at drawing a car using construction lines, I tried to create one side of the car and then giving it construction lines, tried to create the 3D effect that they usually give. As can be seen, it fell a little flat and looks very little like a car. The top right drawing on the page was my attempt at creating a crated image, a shape within a box. It was more successful than some of the previous drawings as it looked like what it was intended to be but it is still far from perfect so it is something else I need to work on. As the top left image is showing, I had a second attempt at the 3D object drawing again and it was only very slightly more successful than my first lopsided attempt.

Basic Primitives

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Interactive Communications


Ok then so in this post, I am showing an image of the basic primitives that I have practiced drawing. They look a little shaky, mostly because my drawing skills are pretty poor at the moment and need to be massively improved. I found it hard to imagine the paper as a 3D plane and not just a flat sheet of paper, but as I got into drawing the shapes and making them 3D I managed to see that by using shadowing and direction, it is easy to actually turn a flat shape into a 3D object on a piece of paper. As can also be seen, I tried to draw a sphere stood up against a wall, but that didn’t go to plan, especially when it came to inking the shapes so that they could stand out in this photo.

I think that through constant practicing and trying different shapes and using different directions for shadowing, I could improve my drawing skills and expand slowly through practice and experience. I just need to keep at this so that I can improve and constantly try new techniques and drawing styles so that I don’t fall into one set style that could prove stale.