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Break and Make Model

I started with a simple car, more specifically a 4×4 jeep type vehicle. Then by breaking up the model of an army jeep, I have kitted out the car with parts from the jeep like the rear mounted .50 cal turret and the guns on the sides of it are the turrets that were mounted on the top of the army jeep.


This is the model of the house I had to create for the group project of Little Red. We each took a building and created a 3D model of it in Sketchup. Then we worked on texturing them as well. This is my model of a basic Victorian House. These along with the buildings done by Scott, Ryan and Mark will all be dispersed throughout the level, duplicating them and placing them beside one another to create our street and back alley level.

Victorian House Model 2Victorian House Model 3Victorian House Model

So this is a rough drawing of my level design map, created in Google Sketch Up. The final model will be created within either UDK or 3Ds Max.

The level map is currently untextured, the textures and security doors and all of the small final details will be added to the final model. This is just a rough draft of the 3D level to see what it would look like, small changes will have to be made to it to make it a good looking level with some challenges for the player, such as a replenishment of security guards every time the player enters a room to search it and security cameras in the hallways that the player can destroy so that the guards aren’t alerted to the players presence within the facility. There will likely be more rooms added as well along with multiple floors for the player to explore and additional items for the player to collect before they can enter the boss room.