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So we have been working on “The Street” for a while now, models have all been submitted for the project now and I thought I had held off putting my renders up for long enough. So here they are, my building and asset.

I built a pub for the building portion of the project, it doesn’t look overly like a pub in the render underneath unfortunately which I am a little disappointed in, I will need to be more savvy on the look the next time it comes to building something like this. I found it difficult at times creating parts for it as well such as the windows, and then applying the textures because I kept doing the texture map wrong, but I got there in the end, which was good because my patience was wearing a little thin towards the end.

The asset is the pub sign, which was easy to make and simple to render once I had gotten the hang of texturing the building. The sign is nice and simple and looks like a sign. It fits onto the building with no problem and looks fine. It would have been better if I had taken the time to create a hanging sign to hang over the door instead of a wooden sign that sits above the top window of the building and this is something that I shall be doing the next time I have the chance to work on something like this.
Pub Asset Render Pub render


Also while I was in York, I figured that it would be smart to get some images of assets. I didn’t get as many as I probably should have done, but I managed to snap a few all the same.

Picture 150 Picture 151 Picture 152 Picture 016 Picture 017 Picture 019 Picture 036 Picture 043 Picture 057 Picture 058 Picture 066 Picture 069 Picture 070 Picture 078 Picture 079 Picture 080 Picture 081 Picture 093 Picture 094 Picture 105 Picture 124 Picture 125 Picture 126 Picture 127 Picture 128 Picture 129 Picture 130 Picture 131 Picture 132 Picture 135 Picture 136 Picture 137 Picture 139 Picture 140 Picture 141 Picture 142 Picture 143 Picture 144 Picture 145 Picture 146 Picture 147

I decided to take a lot of snaps of the clock because it intrigued me. Situated on the side of an archway, it isn’t something that you would find in most cities, while this one is set on the side of the archway with an intricate frame to hang it onto the wall, most other places would have a generic clock that is either placed into the wall or is on a stand near the wall, so this was rather interesting and different to get an image of and it is also something that I hadn’t noticed while on my previous visits to the city, so it was a nice find.

As per the norm there were street signs that I took pictures of, bollards as well next to the pub and the advertisement boards outside of the pub as well showing the offers of the day there and some other street signs as well that were littering the walls of the shops in The Shambles.

So over the weekend I took a magical journey to the mystical and magnificent city of York. While in York I decided that pictures needed to be captured for reference in the project “The Street. So I took a digital camera with me and the images came thick and fast. The bulk of the images are the exteriors of pubs and bars, but there are some street images that were taken while I was down in The Shambles, one of the oldest streets in the city. Fortunately I was able to get to York before it became too crowded and I was able to capture some worthwhile images.

Picture 011 Picture 012 Picture 013 Picture 016 Picture 017 Picture 030 Picture 018 Picture 019 Picture 020 Picture 021 Picture 022 Picture 023 Picture 024 Picture 025 Picture 026 Picture 027 Picture 028 Picture 029

These images of The Shambles have been taken mostly because they show the layout of a busy street, along with some of the old style buildings that are down there that add atmosphere and interest to the ever popular street. It also shows the layout of a typical street, which I think could be invaluable in the project that we are working on.

Of course the main reason for my visiting York was to capture images of the various pub and bar areas within the city, this next set of images are some of the many that I captured while walking through the center of the sprawling city.

Picture 091

Picture 092

Picture 093

Picture 095

Picture 096

Picture 102

Picture 103

Picture 104

Picture 105

Picture 107

Picture 108

Picture 109

Picture 110

Picture 111

Picture 112

Picture 113

Picture 114

Picture 115

Picture 116

Picture 117

Picture 118

Picture 119

Picture 120

Picture 121

Picture 122

Picture 123

Picture 041

Picture 042

Picture 043

Picture 044

Picture 046

Picture 049

Picture 053

Picture 055

Picture 057

Picture 075