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Posted: October 3, 2012 in Introduction to Game Design

For our first assignment, we were tasked with researching and creating a timeline of computer games consoles and their most notable games to date. I teamed up with Matt Lane and we divided the work load between us. I took the research half of the assignment while Matt took up the designing and creating of the timeline itself. This division of the work load worked out rather well as Matt wanted to use 3Ds Max to create the timeline and he has more experience with the program than I do, while I was more comfortable with the research side of things.

So we headed out and started working on the timeline. I had a couple of problems when it came to finding several of the games consoles that we decided to include on the timeline but all in all, finding the information we needed was fairly simple. Matt had considerably more trouble with the timeline, he had gotten half way through creating it all when all of a sudden the program encountered a problem and the file became unusable, so he unfortunately had to start all over again.

As can be seen in the video, the timeline was successful, we did manage to get it all together in time and the video we used to present the timeline to the rest of the group was working. Matt was frustrated because of the limited time he had to recreate the timeline after the initial problems because he had been unable to add the sound and the rest of the images that we had planned to use in the presentation. But overall we were happy with our work and we feel that we could continue working on it until it is complete.

The embedded video feed is from the website Youtube and is the video of our timeline as it appeared in our presentation.