Additional Project – Maze Game Proposal

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Additional Project

Additional Project Proposal

Name: Maze Madness (Working Title
Genre: Maze
Game Type: Flash Game

There are three goals that I shall have achieved by the time the project is finished:

  1. To have a working game with a maze level and working menu system.
  2. To have a working maze selection so that the player can choose which maze to tackle.
  3. Working character avatar (Circle) that can be directed through the maze.


In terms of research, I shall be looking into existing maze games and their menu setups. It is also understood that there are many different types of maze games with many different forms of challenge for the player to undertake, and so through looking at these different games, I will be able to find and maybe incorporate different challenges into the project design in order to offer the player something different and challenging. I shall also be researching mazes that exist in real life, such as the maze that is situated outside of York.

Development Programs

The main program I shall be using will be Adobe Flash.


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