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The Human World isn’t that much different from Earth. In fact if you weren’t told this, it would be easy to mistake The Human World for Earth without questioning it at all. The main difference is that The Human World can and is still influenced by magic. Magic wielders hide in plain sight, influencing the world with their healing or destructive powers. Magic wielders or mages as they are also called, are only minor in comparison to the Hybrids, powerful beings that can cross the border between The Human World and Dunkora at will, for they can see the portals that appear and disappear. Minor mages are mainly only able to influence individuals or small groups at a time, if a Hybrid wanted, they could influence whole cities with a simple thought. This of course doesn’t happen because Hybrids didn’t exist until humans fell through the portals into Dunkora and vice versa with the races of Dunkora falling into the Human World and settling there.

The Human World is filled with cities, its landscape mired with sprawling industrial plants and cityscapes, an urban jungle spanning the planet. A person could travel thousands of miles and still they would end up in a city of some kind, the only places they could get away from this “modernization” would be to travel up into the mountains where they would find small villages and communities that generally regard strangers with suspicion and scorn as visitors are rare and those that do appear are rarely up to anything good.

The Dark Elves want to dominate this world and spread their rule throughout The Human World as much as they want to rule in Dunkora. If they gain control of both worlds then there will be no one to stand against them and war would wage eternally, with the Dark Elves standing victorious upon the corpses of their enemies, ruling with an iron fist. The Human World is unaware of Dunkora, but Dunkora is aware of the Human World and the High Elves will do anything and everything they can to defend both realms. Even if it means sending their one Hybrid on a lone mission to form a team to stand against the forces that seek to destroy everything peaceful and bright.


Dunkora is the mystical realm that can be accessed through the use of portals, or if you are an unfortunate person that falls through one then that works too.

This amazing and magical land is one that has suffered greatly at the hands of darkness and war, it is on the mend, but like with all things it will take time and there are stills regions within the world that no sane person would dare enter. Tales of twisted beings have spread out from survivors of such regions, drooling individuals that have lost their sanity in these dark places and been fortunate enough to escape before they were lost forever.

The High Elves of Thankora have worked tirelessly since the end of the Elven Wars to rebuild their majestic cities and renew the forests with life and calm.

The Elemental clans of the realm have regarded all outsiders as suspicious and will rarely help out those who seek aid.

Humans have settled on the Outskirts, building make shift communities in order to survive the harsh wastelands that they call home until such a time as they can make the journey to better places for settlement.

The Dragon Kin have reclaimed their homes within the Dark Pass Mountains, rendering flesh from the bone of all those that think it is wise to try and infiltrate the sacred halls of the Dragon folk. The Dragon Kin are an ancient race, almost as old as the Elves themselves, keeping to themselves and forsaking all others, keeping to their rigid old ways of discipline and honour.

The nefarious Dark Elves of Draknor toil away in their dark citadels, spurred on by their burning desire to get revenge on their blood cousins the High Elves, who defeated them and drove them from the land into the wasteland that they now inhabit. One day these mighty warriors of old shall rise up once again, storm the land and soak it with blood as they fight to take their place as the leaders of the world once more. Nothing can deter them, nothing will stop them. They are the night.

And in a mysterious region, long abandoned because of the destructive magic that took place there and that which still lingers, the Abandoned Land as it has become known has been silent since the end of the Elven Wars. But now unknown to all there is darkness raising there that could dwarf that of even the Dark Elves. It bides its time; waiting for the perfect moment to strike out at the world and make itself known.


So we have been working on “The Street” for a while now, models have all been submitted for the project now and I thought I had held off putting my renders up for long enough. So here they are, my building and asset.

I built a pub for the building portion of the project, it doesn’t look overly like a pub in the render underneath unfortunately which I am a little disappointed in, I will need to be more savvy on the look the next time it comes to building something like this. I found it difficult at times creating parts for it as well such as the windows, and then applying the textures because I kept doing the texture map wrong, but I got there in the end, which was good because my patience was wearing a little thin towards the end.

The asset is the pub sign, which was easy to make and simple to render once I had gotten the hang of texturing the building. The sign is nice and simple and looks like a sign. It fits onto the building with no problem and looks fine. It would have been better if I had taken the time to create a hanging sign to hang over the door instead of a wooden sign that sits above the top window of the building and this is something that I shall be doing the next time I have the chance to work on something like this.
Pub Asset Render Pub render

This is the model of the house I had to create for the group project of Little Red. We each took a building and created a 3D model of it in Sketchup. Then we worked on texturing them as well. This is my model of a basic Victorian House. These along with the buildings done by Scott, Ryan and Mark will all be dispersed throughout the level, duplicating them and placing them beside one another to create our street and back alley level.

Victorian House Model 2Victorian House Model 3Victorian House Model

So this is a rough drawing of my level design map, created in Google Sketch Up. The final model will be created within either UDK or 3Ds Max.

The level map is currently untextured, the textures and security doors and all of the small final details will be added to the final model. This is just a rough draft of the 3D level to see what it would look like, small changes will have to be made to it to make it a good looking level with some challenges for the player, such as a replenishment of security guards every time the player enters a room to search it and security cameras in the hallways that the player can destroy so that the guards aren’t alerted to the players presence within the facility. There will likely be more rooms added as well along with multiple floors for the player to explore and additional items for the player to collect before they can enter the boss room.

This is the drawn draft of my model for a security breach level, the player starts in the bottom center room and has to work their way around the level, taking out guards in any way they like, to the bottom left room of the map to retrieve the security code key for the room where their friend is held hostage by a group that wants to experiment on them because of their magical powers. All of the rooms are explorable and items can be found in the cabinets and storage areas.

Once the key has been acquired the player needs to travel back to the locked security door and fight the boss of the facility. Once he has been defeated, the player can free their friend and flee from the facility, choosing to set off times explosives if they wish to flatten the facility at the end of the level.

There will be a 3D model of this map as well, then there will eventually be a finished version of this level with fully finished textures and lighting.

So this is the first level I have designed for my game idea. It is a security breach type level with the player leading the character through many rooms, taking out guards and finding items and key cards in order to progress to the final boss battle and the freeing of their team mate from the container in the back of the boss room. This is just a rough drawing, there is a model in the works at the moment and should be uploaded within the next couple of days.

The player starts in the middle bottom room, the entrance that they enter through locks so that they cannot leave the level without completing it. They have to work their way around the map, taking out guards in any way they wish while they progress through the level, there may be other humans within the containers in the experimental biology lab in the top right of the map that the player can choose to free or leave there as they can choose to go into any and all rooms that they wish to investigate. They eventually need to make their way around the map to the key card room which is guarded by several heavily armoured and armed guards, once they have acquired the key card they will have to progress back to the boss room where they can open the door and step in, taking cover as they come under fire from the super powered boss in the room. Once they have overpowered this supernatural brute, they can free their friend and then break out of the facility to safety.